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Physical address:
25 Maitland Close
Greenwich High Road
London SE10 8UF


Our units provide high quality, luxurious accommodation and is significant in developing a recovery focused environment. This environment has enhanced service users’ engagement in activities of daily living. We provide a 24-hour service in all of our units

ACLL is innovative and continually developing and improving the quality of the Service; the ranges of provision and learning choices available to suit the needs of all Service Users in line with best practice.

Central to our principle is our belief that the rights and needs of service users are paramount. We have a strong reputation for delivering an excellent service to all our service users.

ACLL encourages self-determination, whilst respecting Service User choice and dignity. We promote good healthcare and improve quality of life by enhancing independence and minimising risk.

We are a professional and caring organisation, and we would very much like to be given the honour of working with you.